【FGO】Dioscuri (Saber) Servant Demonstration【Fate/Grand Order】

【FGO】Fate/Grand Order

SSR Saber

Noble Phantasm:
Dioscures Tyndaridae: Eulogy of the Twin Gods (ST Art)
Grants invul pierce for one turn then deals defense ignoring single target damage that lowers the target’s Quick and Arts resistance for 3 turns (increases with Overcharge)

Star of the Chief God A
Grants self a buff that lasts 3 turns where “when using Quick attacks NP is granted for 3 turns” and “when using Arts attacks stars are granted for 3 turns”

Protector of Voyages B
Raises the Noble Phantasm damage and attack of every ally for one turn and grants them debuff immunity that protects against one debuff and lasts 3 turns

Prana Burst (Light/Antiquity)
Increases Quick and Arts performance for 3 turns and grants self evasion for one turn

Translation by Konchew

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